Art of Calligraphy for beginners: Thuluth style

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Hüsn-ü Hat, Arabic Calligraphy means a line or a thing looks like a line that is composed of gathering a lot of points or a writing. In the Islamic Culture, writing and fine writing are mentioned in this meaning. Calligraphy means, expressing words, the ideas and feelings occurring in the soul, and showing all of these in the alphabet.

Calligraphy has oriented with and around the Arabic words. There are various rumours in the Islamic Literature about how the Arabic writing first started. But the origin of this writing goes back to the Pre-lslamic Ages. With Islamic Religion, the Arab letters got esthetic elements gradually. It started to get a high level in The Age of Prosperity, and during the Abbacies Period developed more.

This book has been prepared for the thuluth (sülüs) writing by helping during the course in terms of history, material and practice knowledge as well as understanding the writing details.

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