Epic Of Man

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Yazar: Muhammed K. Kayani
Ürün Kodu: 9786054194124
Stok Durumu: 100
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Kapak Yazısı:

    This is an eloquent collection of poetry inspired by the Qur’an that presents a melodic yet accurate account of Islamic beliefs. This work stands as a reassertion of the Qur’anic account of creation against modern scientific  theories. The author has penned lengthy and richly detailed poetry to achieve this end:


Proud of buildings made spacious and high,

Scoffed at every just and pious advice.

Once again man fell into the trap Iblis contrived,

God’s mercy sent Hud to Ad with advice,

Ad immersed in material wealth and pride,

Refused to see divine light. 


As this extract illustrates, the author strikes a pleasing balance between communication of Islamic convictions and elegant expression. He displays an impressive command of the poetic form and writes with intelligence and commitment.


Alison Thomas  

(Managing Editor, Minerva Press, London)

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