Art of Calligraphy for beginners: Naskh style

İnkılâb Basım Yayım
Yazar: Ömer Faruk Dere
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Detailed Information:

    In this book, it is relatively clear that ink pen movements are easy to see. The capital letters are in their original size, 10 mm. It is written in pen and has not been revised and left like a pen. The letters at the beginning of the letters, in the middle and at the end are also in their original form. We have drawn many of the letters bigger with the aim of making it easy to understand.

    In order to be a good calligrapher, it must be seen and taught, ambitious, patient, stable and correct understanding, should be used good and abundant materials; handwriting should be resigned aesthetics, many handwriting, museums, exhibitions, mosques and inscriptions must be visited and written very often.

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