Towards Understanding Islam

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    Towards Understanding Islam is one of Mawlana Mawdudi’s most popular books. The Urdu original, written in 1932, was intended as a first introduction to Islam for students and laymen and soon became a popular reader. Over a million copies have so far appeared in many of the world’s languages, including Arabic, English, Persian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Swahili, Turkish, Indonesian, Bengali, Hindi, Albanian, Bosnian and Georgian.
    Towards Understanding Islam is a religious text with a difference. It offers a simple exposition of the essential teachings of Islam: itz approach to life, the articles of its faith, its scheme of worship and prayers and the social order which it envisages. Its methodology is steeped in the Qur’an. Towards Understanding Islam is one of those books which have changed the lives of many and set them along the Islamic path.

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