From Ottoman era to our day: Art of Ebru

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Ebru, which was used at the begining as a paper decoration art, was frequently used in the Ottoman texts on the writing surface of the calligraphy and in the border decorations and in book covers. 

The art of ebru that emerged in Asia and lived in Iran and the lands of Anatolia, it was practiced in Dawlat-i Aliyye, especially in Istanbul until XVII. century in Europe. Like other arts in our tradition, ebru education has been realized in master-apprentice relation.

Until recently, ebru, known as "Turkish Paper" and "Turkish Marble Paper" in the West, has been restored after a long intermittent period. Surely, in this, the efforts of our master is great. Despite the fact that the interest of this art is reached to the highest level today, the publications made on this area are unfortunately very few.

Our publisher hopes that this work, which is presented with the history, practice and examples of marbling art, will be useful for beginners and interested persons of marbling art (ebru).

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