From Ottoman era to our day: Art of Calligraphy

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Hüsn-i hat, which has a special place among the Islamic arts, has developed in time and has taken its place in history. You will see this historic course in your book. In addition, for the enthusiast, the necessary information has been given about the writing arts and materials, the calligraphers of the writing arts. The works in the footnotes and bibliographies will direct the attention to the necessary points in this regard.

In the book, alongside the beautiful examples of the writing art throughout history, today's calligraphers were presented. Furthermore, the Rik'a, which is an element in the teaching of calligraphy, are given from the line of calligrapher Mustafa Halim Özyazıcı. In addition to the names of Mehmed Sevki Efendi, who is the summit name of the Thuluth-Nesih (sülüs-nesih) writing, there are also calligrapher Sami Efendi's New Mosque Sebil molds which are considered as classics of Jalî Thuluth (Celi Sülüs) writing. In this respect, this book will be the top book of the calligraphy enthusiast.

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